Cloud Kitchens: what they are and how they work

Cloud kitchens save your business time, money and effort. We have built a 2.0 operating system through a collection of the best food technologies that help optimize all aspects of CLOUD KITCHEN in real time, maximizing the efficiency.

Who uses cloud kitchens?

Local restaurateurs and large national chains are rapidly turning to the concept of cloud kitchen as the ideal solution to expand their business.

The advantages of a cloud kitchen

Virtual kitchens (aka cloud kitchens or virtual kitchens) are an excellent alternative to the traditional brick-and-concrete restaurant. Ghost kitchens give users the freedom to focus on food preparation and product marketing and to minimise the administrative and logistical problems that often burden food businesses.

What is a smart kitchen?

Smart kitchens are those kitchens designed to save energy and time. Their main purpose is to be sustainable and efficient. They are a combination of electronics, thoughtful design and environment-friendly elements. There is a growing interest in cooking and we often use our devices for many purposes. We use them to find recipes and other food information. Wi-Fi, cameras, software, Bluetooth are added to appliances.

Interested in a Smart Kitchen?

If you are looking to combine technology and eco-friendly design in your kitchen, turn your existing kitchen into a Smart kitchen. A Smart kitchen is designed to be the most efficient in terms of space, design, appliances and storage.

How big are the kitchens?

They are all around 15 square meters (160 square feet), which can be combined in size or can also be used for multiple brands in the same space.

Does Kuiri also provide seating for customers?

The cloud kitchens are always intended for delivery only, but Kuiri also provides for pickup and the creation of outdoor sitting areas where possible.

Who handles my restaurant orders?

Each brand deals directly with the delivery to drivers or pickup customers.

How do I receive my restaurant orders? Do I have a printer for each delivery site?

With Kuiri and its integrated technology you manage all the delivery companies through a centralized fiscal cash register (kuiri srl), connected to a single touch screen and printer, to receive both the delivery sites and the pickup orders.

How do I manage the insertion, the menus, the sold-outs, the offers?

Kuiri will support you in entering the delivery sites with the setup of your restaurant; you will receive initial training from our staff to learn the simple use of a single platform; you will also have the constant assistance of the Kuiri Kitchen Manager.

How can I create a captivating menu with professional photos?

We collaborate with food professionals that, if you wish, will create your entire brand together with you.

What if my restaurant doesn't work?

Kuiri’s mission is to follow you, advise you and always create the best conditions for you for you to be successful, this is also why our agreements are flexible and start at just 9 months minimum duration, with 2 months notice for cancellation.

What are the Kuiri Kitchens hours?

You can cook and have access 24/7; each Cloud Kitchen is equipped with security cameras with audio/video recordings.

What equipment is included in my kitchen?

Stainless steel top, double sink, refrigerators, extractor hood; printer, tablet, totem or screen. Common area: washing area, refrigeration area, dry storage, dressing room and toilet; further equipment can be purchased, rented or you can use the equipment you already own as long as it respects the safety rules and technical requirements of the location.

How much is my investment?

A small monthly fee plus a percentage on sales.